Work at Childhaven and change lives—including your own.

Join our team and change lives.

Including yours.

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How many of these words describe you?

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Why work at Childhaven?

We’re looking for team members who can help us realize a wildly ambitious goal: a future where all children grow up safe, healthy, and thriving!

We believe that investing in our staff is the key to achieving impact in our community. Here's some of what you can expect at Childhaven:

PARTNERSHIP   Partnership is the cornerstone of everything we do. We work with families, our community, and most of all with our staff to deliver best-in-class services to those who need them. That means everyone involved in this effort has a voice.

LEGACY   Since opening our doors in 1909, we’ve built an impressive legacy of care for the families of Washington State. We're also thankful to have the support of thousands of individual donors, corporations, and foundations, as well as government agencies at the city, county, and state level.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT   No matter what your role is, you'll get opportunities to attend a wide variety of trainings on clinical practices, advocacy, management skills, and more. We also work hard to make sure that you have a mentor—a person who's helping you reach the next level.

OWNERSHIP   We believe strongly that every team member should be responsible for setting their own goals. What do you want to be held accountable for accomplishing? You'll have the ability to build your own individualized career path with on-the-job experience. 

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Childhaven is more than a non-profit organization. We're a community of professionals who share common goals and common principles. These values were developed in partnership with team members from across our agency, and we're proud to uphold them every single day as we help one another succeed.



We believe that collaboration yields the best results. We create a safe space for honest, open, productive conversation. We encourage transparent discussion of the challenges we face as individuals, as teams, as an organization, and as a community.



We make everyone feel welcome. We seek out and value differences. We respect and recruit talent that represents different races, genders, classes, sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs, accessibility needs, and countries of origin. We support people within the context of their communities and the historically inequitable systems that have affected them.



We exceed the expectations of those around us, as well as our own. We innovate and embrace change, even though it can be scary. We are life-long learners. We maintain high standards of quality and seek out opportunities for personal and professional development.



We do “whatever it takes” to achieve the best outcomes. We take ownership over results, not activities. We are bold and persistent. We remain positive. We believe that positivity breeds positivity. We have a good sense of humor about ourselves and never forget how powerful a smile can be.



We trust in and build upon the strengths, abilities, and capacity of others. We respect our coworkers’ vacation, sick, and training time and give them the space they need to recuperate, recharge, and grow. We hold ourselves accountable for our own behavior, success, skill-level, and attitude. We understand that we cannot achieve excellence without practicing self-care.