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Work at Childhaven and change lives—including your own.


This is a great place to come work and explore if this is what you want to do for your career. It’s an honor to work with children from the beginning—we get to support the building blocks that help move them through their future years at school.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure to be working at Childhaven. I absolutely love it.

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An extraordinary organization! I loved my time here. Salary and benefits were both good for the sector and the entire team cares deeply for what they do.
— glassdoor review

Melissa, Finance EXECUTIVE

I have learned so much during my time at Childhaven. Little did I know when I started how much I would love working with our board members. These board members are donating their time and energy to helping me manage the organization and I am so grateful. I have gotten the opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest from our local corporate icons, and it's all for such a great cause!

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I never go home after work and wonder, ‘What did I accomplish today?’
— Jennifer, Therapeutic Classroom Teacher


Before this I was a junior high and high school teacher, and I sometimes found it difficult to enact positive change in my students. Coming here it’s been amazing to see kids in the most formative years of their life, and to help them get past some of the struggles they’ve already faced. We get to see the dramatic change they go through and we know how it’ll affect them positively later in life.


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